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A warm welcome to the Townwomen's Guilds web site.


New TG Logo


Due to circumstances beyond our control we regret that the launch of the new website has been delayed. Members will be advised by email when the new site is launched. With regard to being able to log in to the new site, your ID number can be found on the address sheet enclosed with the magazine. There are two rows of numbers on the address sheet and it is the 5 digit number on the top row.

The website is being designed to be more user-friendly and will be more attractive to both existing members and potential members who want to know more about TG. 
A new TG logo has also been developed which will replace the current logo.  Please note we do understand this will be a gradual transition for some of our Guilds and Federations who still have letterheads, literature etc with the current logo.


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  To find your nearest Guild follow this link to the 

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NOTE: If you require the Password for the 'memberslogin' so that you can again access to the Members Area, which contains a wide of varied and useful information, then please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on 0121 326 0400 or e-mail giving your surname, postcode and ID number.



Click on each of the section headings at the top of the screen and 'drop down' boxes will appear detailing the sub sections within each.

For example:  

About Us - read TG's history

Public Affairs - information on TG's Campaigns and Mandates

Members Area - full of varied, useful information

NEW SECTION IN NEWS & MEDIA - WEBSITE UPDATES - see where changes to this web site have been made