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Hear My Voice Campaign Launch

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28 September 2011

Townswomen's Guilds today launches its "Hear My Voice" campaign, which calls for higher standards of care for elderly and other vulnerable patients during hospital stays.

We've all seen the headlines about horrific standards of care in hospitals: patients not being assisted with their meals where needed, prescriptions for water to ensure they get enough to drink and strict rules over not interrupting nurses when they are on drug rounds. It's easy to dismiss these stories as sensationalist but for the patients affected such poor treatment is an unfortunate reality.

In a bid to speak out against this neglect, Townswomen's Guilds passed a mandate at our 2011 AGM in June, which calls for more involvement from consultant geriatricians in the training of nurses and other hospital staff to ensure that the basic needs of older patients are met.  The topic sparked impassioned debate from our members, who all have their own stories and experiences.

Following this, the Hear My Voice campaign seeks to further drive home the need for better training and a change in attitude so that vulnerable patients are afforded the respect and dignity they deserve. To that aim, we will be launching an e-petition which, should it gather at least 100,000 signatures, will ensure the topic becomes viable for debate in the Houses of Parliament. The link will go up as soon as the petition is finalised so keep watching the website for your chance to get involved.

We are also publicising the campaign via Facebook and Twitter so if you use either of these websites, please help us to spread the word so our voice can be as loud as possible.



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